FFK reacts to ban of 50 prominent Nigerians from traveling abroad

FFK reacts to ban of 50 prominent Nigerians from traveling abroad

Precisely, if his palms are clear, he has nothing to concern. The reality of the matter is that if we proceed to pay attention to and help individuals like FFK, we’re solely fooling ourselves as Nigerians. All of us no that Navy period was worse however democracy is even worst as a result of all these ineffective politicians like FFK will steal public cash and conceal underneath the guise of human proper, judiciary and so on. The fundamental query is that how a lot is your wage as a public officer and the way a lot do you price. In case you are price greater than your wage, the place did you get the cash? If you happen to can clarify it and it’s clear, wonderful. In any other case, it is best to go to jail. There aren’t any two methods to it. Which enterprise does individuals like FFK has to maintain himself until date? When and the place did he observe the so-called Legislation he claimed he studied? Who’re his purchasers? And so forth. There are a lot of extra like him. Sure, it’s true that PMB might spare APC who’re additionally needs to be jailed, we are able to solely wait and see the record earlier than we determine that. I solely hope PMB can even respect himself and never do that. However sincerely talking, we’d like a president with this sort of mentality,l and toughness, in any other case, individuals will proceed to come to authorities, steal as common after which rent 10 SANs, case I’ll drag in courtroom for years and earlier than judgement, they’ve lavished the cash and even use half of the cash to bribe the judges or resort to the ineffective plea bargaining. Let’s get up Nigerians! I don’t help Buhari, I don’t help APC BUT I help this concept. We should always all help the concept. It’s good for us all

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