How studly Channing Tatum pulled off a monster’s ‘boyish’ voice

How studly Channing Tatum pulled off a monster’s ‘boyish’ voice

How do you make a monster cuddly and lovable?

That was the problem going through the makers of the brand new animated household film “Smallfoot,” about Migo, a big yeti, who meets a human TV host named Percy.

Within the PG-rated movie, out Friday, a village of cute yetis concern folks, whom they name “smallfoots,” and the mountain people are fearful of legendary yetis, a okay a bigfoot. However being in a film that’s meant for teenagers, Migo (Channing Tatum) and his furry mates couldn’t be too scary.

“You’re making an attempt to create an interesting character,” director Karey Kirkpatrick tells The Put up. “Any individual you need to spend a lot of time with.” Right here’s how the “Smallfoot” crew turned a ferocious yeti into man’s finest buddy.


Once we first meet Migo, he’s at dwelling in his yeti safe-haven, surrounded by similar-size family and friends. Viewers love him immediately.

However when he meets Percy (James Corden), after tumbling down the mountain into a human city, he strikes concern. “We wished him to be large and imposing [to people],” Kirkpatrick says. “Migo is the equal of 18 ft tall. Percy comes as much as his kneecaps.” Moviegoers, nonetheless, have already warmed as much as the yeti.

Softer options

“There’s a few present yetis within the zeitgeist,” says Kirkpatrick. “Just like the Abominable Snowman in ‘Rudolph the Pink-Nosed Reindeer,’ which I grew up with.” In contrast to that freaky, retro creature — with sharp fangs, lengthy claws and wild fur — Migo has regular, if massive, fingers; rounded, barely crooked enamel; and a cute fuzzy coat.

Channing Tatum lends his voice to Migo in “Smallfoot.”Warner Bros. Photos and Warner Animation Group


“The larger the eyes, the extra sympathetic the character,” says Kirkpatrick, citing beloved creations with enormous peepers such because the title alien in “ET” and Puss in Boots from “Shrek.” Migo and most different mountain denizens within the movie have them, too, and so they’re particularly impressed by an previous 2-D favourite. “ ‘Looney Toons’ characters with oval eyes turned the visible language of all of the characters,” he says.


Migo’s left horn is cracked in half. Although we by no means see it break through the movie, the trait is the results of a scrapped prologue wherein bullies pushed him to the bottom. Kirkpatrick determined to maintain it. “It makes him a little weak,” the director says. “And visually, it simply says he’s a little bit flawed.”


A lot of what Migo says and does within the closing movie was impressed by the “affable, boyish exuberance” of Tatum’s voice, Kirkpatrick says. Besides, sometimes the “Magic Mike” actor needed to be reeled in from making Migo sound too brooding. “I needed to preserve Channing in his higher register,” he says. “When he will get near the mike, he will get a little too robust and a little too cool.

“If the strains bought too robust, we’d say, ‘Not sounding like Migo there.’”

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