‘Look at this little-retarded Chimpanzee’ – Blac Chyna’s mom blasts her 18-year-old boyfriend in a lengthy Instagram post.

‘Look at this little-retarded Chimpanzee’ – Blac Chyna’s mom blasts her 18-year-old boyfriend in a lengthy Instagram post.

Blac Chyna‘s mom, Tokyo Toni has dragged her 18-year-outdated boyfriend, rapper YBN Almighty Jay following her ongoing beef with her daughter, who she claims will not let her see her grandchildren.

The grandmother of two shared a video of YBN Almighty Jay dancing in a automotive with a pal and referred to as him a little-retarded Chimpanzee in a lengthy Instagram put up.

Tokyo additionally referred to as YBN Almighty a ‘aspect bar’ and mentioned he’ll snitch on Chyna.

Look at this little Chimpanzee!! Like what the f**ok is this!? Who the fuck opened the cage up and pissed off the neighbors! That is completely stable proof this child wants her mom! That is a travesty! Like, who the fuck need her or ought to I say take her black ass critical after this mini cartoon character! She want me to assist rebuild her however she would by no means do it! She is fucking spoiled rotten by me as a child! She nonetheless rebellious! ! Inform her name her momma 301-630-Toni ( 8664).

This shit has my nerves bossed up! When a actual bitch walks in a room everybody be quiet! I’m Queen and it’s only one in a QUEENDOM! My momma lifeless so I took her crown – till then my offsprings are princes and princesses!! Mannn -I ought to get my thorough grandson King Cairo to go strIght whoop this nigga complete ass! She don’t put up my infants so I can’t see it’s cool! You’ll be able to’t disguise them without end! She must get a actual man ( Dr. Police Officer,A school Professor, Surgeon or keep to herself! I can repair this shot simple FACTS! This must be a critical joke! Imma get me a ticket in some way and catch her nose to nose! She will run however she will be able to’t disguise I’ll bounce her fence! I hope he don’t have a ? hanging round his neck! I wanna smack all of the canine shit out this flagrant clown ass nothing ass nigga! This isn’t no man it’s a BOY! “ Aspect Bar” Hey CHYNA this nigga will snitch on every little thing you do or did in the event you don’t give him a ice cream cone on demand. This nigga look retarded and he must be put in a automotive ?.

What the f**ok! King must beat this nigga he can’t even drive! At the very least we see King can drive and might hold his composure in the automotive off a tune! This dude has pissed me all the way in which off – Who’s his momma??? I must holla at his momma!? Then once more hear movie star momma Received’t say 1 phrase as a result of they spending that cash they getting! Rattling disgrace this ? ain’t inside 10 steps of me why? He would catch a complete fade! #idiotassshit #pressfirminutedick #childhoodnihtmares #somethingiswrong #newintroductions #staysingle #stayalone #regroupypurself #neverdisrespect your momma Ps After I catch them each Imma thrash they asses!


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