4 Profitable Small Business Ideas for People with Helicopter

4 Profitable Small Business Ideas for People with Helicopter


4 Profitable Small Business Ideas for People with Helicopter


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Owning a helicopter and being licensed to fly it, requires a lot of investment and effort. While you may be an amateur fanatic, you can turn your love for flying into a full-time career.

Owning a helicopter, learning how to fly, and getting the necessary licenses and permits is the hard part of any helicopter-centric business model. Considering you already have that coat, you have plenty of options when it comes to putting your chopper to work. The fact that helicopters can ignore traffic congestions and indicators, makes them perfect for a range of different roles. Right from providing aerial tours to thrill-seeking tourists to offering emergency medical transport service, there is a high demand for helicopters and trained pilots.

If you have a personal license you have to apply for a commercial flying license, which costs about $20,000. Considering you already have a hangar for your chopper, the only thing you need to do is select a helicopter business and start marketing your service. To help you get began, following are 4 small business ideas for people with helicopters.


Aerial Tours: Aerial city tours are increasingly becoming widespread. Tourist flock to local helipads in New York to go on tours that take them above the business district in Manhattan and to Liberty Island. People also book Miami sightseeing helicopter tours to get the best views of the beach and stunning structure. If you are a people individual, then you would enjoy interacting with tourists from all over the globe. While places like Miami and New York already have helicopter touring corporations, you can find locations and tourists spots that are still not saturated.

Charter Helicopter Service: Businesses and corporations often need to charter private helicopters. To get those business contacts you can partner up with a transportation company that operates in your space. Nonetheless, charter helicopters need to have plush leather seats and be comfy. You might need to spend some money to make your helicopter charter-worthy.

Air Medical Service: Many hospitals equipped with helipads offer emergency pickup service to patients. This can be a highly rewarding service as you get to transport patients suffering from serious medical conditions or life-threatening accidents. If you have one helicopter, then a single hospital contract should keep you busy. The only con of this business model is that you need to be ready to leave 24X7 as medical emergencies often happen at odd hours.

Flight Training: If you love flying your chopper and want to impart some flying wisdom to others, then conducting flight training can be a great way to earn money. Even though not everyone can own a plane, there are a lot of people who want to learn how to fly. A few billboards and local TV advertisements should give you customer queries to launch your very own helicopter flight college. Nonetheless, you cannot teach others with a regular pilot’s license. You need to be a certified flight instructor and have other associated permits.


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