Bill Clinton: Media Liked Obama Because He was Black

Bill Clinton: Media Liked Obama Because He was Black

Former President Bill Clinton believes that former President Barack Obama was significantly better acquired within the media as a result of they preferred having an African-American in workplace.

Clinton stopped by CBS This Morning on Sunday to advertise his new guide with creator James Patterson The President Is Lacking and stated that the press does deal with President Donald Trump and Obama in another way.

“They did deal with him [Obama] in another way than different Democrats and Republicans,” he stated. “Why? “I don’t know. They preferred him. They usually preferred having the primary African-American president, and he was a superb president I feel,” Clinton continued. “I don’t agree with President Trump’s evaluation of his service.”

Clinton additionally believes that if a Democrat was in workplace that impeachment hearings would have been underway.

“I feel if the roles have been reversed — now it’s me simply speaking, however primarily based on my expertise — if there have been a Democratic president and these info have been current, most individuals I do know in Washington consider impeachment hearings would have begun already,” he stated.

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