The seven cardinal attributes of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State… The Pen League

The seven cardinal attributes of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State… The Pen League

seven cardinal attributes of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State

A sport changer is within the Enugu State Lion Constructing, the seat of energy. Earlier than the idea of workplace of Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi what held sway as an article of religion had been the phrases of Shakespeare spoken by Macbeth, “mock the time with fairest present; false face should disguise what the false coronary heart does know.” Mere showmanship was dramatized with the razzmatazz of political singsong.

false in politics was elevated to a lofty peak and endorsed by a Cambridge College don David Runciman who in his guide Political Hypocrisy says that there’s nothing like ‘political hypocrisy’ as a result of politics by its very essence is actually hypocritical. Governor Ugwuanyi turned that pedantry on its head by demonstrating character in politics.

Though politics is an adversarial enterprise, the idea of political order is significant communication. This is the reason we have now chosen to make use of this medium to stipulate the seven attributes of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi that entitle him to obtain the important thing to the Authorities Home for a second time period.

Governor Ugwuanyi resembles Moses in godliness, Gandhi in humility, Obama in friendliness, Churchill in pragmatism, Zik in eloquence, Okpara in resourcefulness and Kemal Ataturk, the daddy of fashionable Turkey in growth technique.

The most excellent attribute of the governor is godliness. Ndigbo are just like the Israelites trapped in slavery and wish a Moses to launch them from the entice earlier than some start to acquiesce in it as a manner of life as a result of they haven’t recognized another life. The man who began the Boys’ Brigade thought that one of the best man could be one with the braveness of a soldier and the faithfulness of a Christian. By the identical token, one of the best chief is a priest-politician, in different worlds, a mystic and a king rolled into one. Such a uncommon mixture is in Governor Ugwuanyi’s DNA.

  1. man who resembles seven iconic world leaders isn’t born day by day. The inhabitants of England at present is sixteen occasions what it was when Shakespeare lived, but since his loss of life in 1616, England has not produced one other Shakespeare. To assume that it’s day by day that you simply come by a pacesetter with close to magical qualities like Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who takes to governance like fish to water is self-delusion.

On the thanksgiving service of Justice C. C. Nweze for his elevation to the Supreme Court docket, Governor Ugwuanyi reprimanded his police orderly for heckling a poor lady with a child on her again who got here to greet the governor. “These had been the individuals who elected me, permit her to come back near me,” he stated and shook arms with the girl. That is the Gandhi-touch in Governor Ugwuanyi.

Within the newest cupboard reshuffle, the particular person appointed a commissioner in Enugu State was a person who contested for a similar publish of governor with Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi on the platform of one other political social gathering. Governor Ugwuanyi, like Obama, is aware of that in politics there are not any everlasting pals or foes, however everlasting pursuits.

As all troopers know, taking in your enemy requires totally different guidelines of engagement. When Nimbo was attacked, the sight of lifeless our bodies in a big quantity would have moved some individuals with the state punitive equipment at their disposal to return fireplace for fireplace. Governor Ugwuanyi visited the scene of the crime and characteristically understood the larger image and Enugu State is calmer and higher for that non-violent resolution. Governor Ugwuanyi’s pragmatism makes Winston Churchill flip in his grave with envy.

When Governor Ugwuanyi mounts the general public podium at any rally, you see the incarnation of the good Zik of Africa in him. You hear phrases deployed for objective and impact with out political innuendos, rhetorical deceptions and the empty technical language of schoolmen full of falsehoods.

Lastly it’s the singular fortune of the individuals of Enugu State that Chief Dr Ifeany Ugwuanyi is veined with the resourceful streak of Dr M. I. Okpara and the wizardry of Ataturk. Staff get their financial institution deposit alerts by the 25th of each month when some oil-producing states are in arrears of cost of salaries.

“I dare do all that will change into a person,” says Macbeth, “who dares do extra isn’t one.” The monitor data of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi are within the superlative diploma therefore all throughout the state, persons are saying to him, “Please come once more.”

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