Yikes: India Love’s New Man Has A Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Yikes: India Love’s New Man Has A Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

India Love is back on the scene with a new man. However, while their relationship is new to the public, her bae isn’t. In fact, he became a conversation topic, himself, because of this interesting interaction he had with his now ex-girlfriend.

According to The Shade Room, India’s boyfriend, Jonnu Smith, became the topic of headlines back in 2016 when his ex, who was pregnant at the time, went ballistic and threw boiling water on him.

The football star, 22, suffered severe burns to his head, neck, back, shoulder and arm as a result of the incident, which reportedly took place in his college dorm.

Here’s the part that has many giving his former lady the side-eye: Smith’s ex was reportedly upset because of the amount of attention he was “paying her and their relationship.”

The affidavit stated that she was “feeling extremely emotional and stressed” at the moment of the attack.


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