‘Black Panther’ To Dethrone Iconic Movie In New Milestone

‘Black Panther’ To Dethrone Iconic Movie In New Milestone

Marvel’s Black Panther continues to rewrite the history books with its latest accomplishment.

After major milestones including the film grossing more than $1 billion worldwide and being officially heralded as the most commercially successful superhero film ever in the United States, it is now being reported that Black Panther is set to dethrone a classic film in the U.S.’s highest-earning movies list.

Based on Forbes‘ statistics, the Ryan Coogler-directed film is on track to dethroning Titanic to become the No. 3 highest-earning movie in the country.

Black Panther, which sat at a $652.5 million domestic box office total as of Tuesday, surpassed Jurassic World‘s $652.3 million for the No. 4 spot. In a mere $6.8 million, the highly celebrated film will officially knock the 1997 romance movie to the No. 4 spot. In fact, this is expected to occur as early as Thursday or Friday.

Once the superhero flick surpasses the 11-time Oscar-winning James Cameron classic, it will need another $100 million to meet the next movie in line, Avatar, which earned a whopping $760.6 million domestically.

At the very top of the list is 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which outperformed all of American movie history with a staggering $936.6 million.

Light work, right? If the past few months have proven anything, it’s that Black audiences can make the seemingly impossible a reality. So, let’s go!


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