Watch John Boyega Teach Miles Brown How To Build A Robot

Watch John Boyega Teach Miles Brown How To Build A Robot

John Boyega stars in the lead role in the highly anticipated soon-to-be-released fiction film Pacific Rim Uprising, and in the technologically advanced world shown in the film, he’s a pretty genius jaeger pilot.

The actor, however, is not one to be stingy with his knowledge as he agreed to teach Black-ish star Miles Brown how to get his build on, and it’s definitely a must-see moment.

For safety reasons, of course, the two used Legos instead of heavy-duty steel for the tutorial, and while their skill is to be marveled at, their conversation is what stood out, above all.

When the child star asked Boyega about his experience using Legos, he gave him a hilarious rundown of their generational differences in their toy-building prowesses.

“This day and age, you guys just do Legos by just putting things together,” he said. “You can’t even make sense of it, but when I was your age, people used to call me the architect, you know? Because I would make Legos that [were] just incredible.”

Another hilarious yet teachable moment came when the action star told the young one that “big men cry, sometimes,” while explaining his tearful reaction to a couple of his stunts.

John Boyega: teaching the younger generation one Lego at a time.

Take a look at the full video, above.

Pacific Rim Uprising premieres in theaters, nationwide, on March 23.

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