The Woman Who Dr. G Tried To Cheat With Has Something To Say

The Woman Who Dr. G Tried To Cheat With Has Something To Say

Married To Medicine star Dr. Greg recently admitted to attempting to cheat on his wife, Quad, but, according this account, he backed out at the last minute. He went on to add that the woman in question then tried to extort him by threatening to expose him on social media.

Now, after hearing his comments, the mystery lady is speaking out.

The woman, who remains anonymous, contacted The Shade Room to make a few things clear.

While she admitted that she and a friend met with Dr. Greg and his friend at Whiskey Mistress in Buckhead, Atlanta, she claims she had no idea who he was, but knew he looked familiar.

She then added that after each couple decided to go to their own rooms, when things began to get hot and heavy, Dr. Greg decided to leave. She claimed he “looked nervous and seemed scared,” and told her she could stay the night in the hotel, alone.

This is where things took a turn. She claims that when the hotel bill came the next morning, she learned who he was after seeing his name on it and after doing some research, learned that he was on the show. She said that she was upset to find out that he was married as he had told her all throughout the night that he was single.

She claims she then decided to track him down and demanded $15,000, and if he failed to oblige, she would spill the beans on their premature affair. Seemingly scared of the potential outcome, Dr. Greg then allegedly decided to fill his wife in on the incident.

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