Report: Someone Called CPS On Alexis Skyy

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Alexis Skyy recently welcomed her adorable baby girl, Alaiya Grace, whom she shares with rapper Fetty Wap.

Despite the little one being born three months early, Skyy showed the world her face, earlier this month, to show her fans that she’s healthy. While the reality star has apparently been released from the hospital, herself, she was likely expecting positive news upon her return. However, she was met with the opposite as she reportedly learned that someone called Child Protective Services on her.

Taking to her Instagram story, a furious Skyy, 23, asked who would do such a thing when she was not even at home with her newborn, yet.

“Like you people are so sick and evil…why would ya’ll [sic] try to have them take my daughter from me,” she wrote. “[I] bust my a*s to make sure when she is home I can provide for her. People are so evil I just want to disappear form this s**t.”

She has since deleted the post from her account. Take a look, below:

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