Married To Medicine’s Dr. G Will Probably Never Cheat Again

Married To Medicine’s Dr. G Will Probably Never Cheat Again

This recently wrapped season of Married to Medicine saw several of the couples publicly attempt to work through their dysfunctional marriages. During the second part of the reunion, one of the husbands kept that theme running by dropping a major bomb on his wife.

Dr. Gregory Lunceford, who goes simply by Dr. G on the show, came clean about one of his allegedly failed attempts at cheating on his wife, Quad, before the other ladies.

The psychiatrist revealed to the entire cast during the taping that he was almost extorted by a woman who he took to a hotel room, but reassured everyone that nothing happened as he had a change of heart and, based on his account, he went to his wife for help.

She, however, quickly shot down his attempt at saving face and called him out for lying. In fact, she claimed that she heard about his cheating ways on social media after the woman he allegedly cheated with threatened to expose him on social media.

“We met these two girls and we went back to a hotel,” Dr. G said.

Quad quickly interjected, “This is how I found out — he didn’t initially tell me, first,” she said. “The girl said she had receipts. She said she was going to the Shade Room. Instead of my husband possibly taking a Curtis approach and taking ownership, he blamed it on me and said, ‘So are you gonna help me or what?'”

Dr. G’s response: “If I had done it, I’d have to humble up but I didn’t do it.”

Watch the messy exchange, below:

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