khloe Kardashian baby shower pictures

In her Instagram post, she said :  Where do I even begin?!?! How do I even begin to give thanks and praise to ALL of the people who took part in helping create the most incredible baby shower? @jeffleatham and his ENTIRE team and @mindyweiss and her ENTIRE team, THANK YOU for creating the most magical memories I get to keep for the rest of my life!!! WOW, is truly all I can say! They say “love is in the details”, I couldn’t agree more! Look at all the LOVE! From my mommy’s hand written Baby Thompson sign to each and every flower placed. Love was involved! I wish I could post every single picture! I’m still dreaming

Khloe Kardashian baby shower

Khloe Kardashian baby shower

pictures: kris jenner. khloe kardashian instagram and cosmopolitan uk

pink is the theme for the baby shower, of course ITS A GIRL, the kardashians all looks so fabulous, last congratulations to khloe , last it seemed like

she could not get pregnant ried to NBA star lamar Odom


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