Did Adrienne Just Reveal That She And Rob Are Raising A Kid?

In the most recent episode of The Real, co-host Bailon explained that she and the reality star are actually the godparents to one of her family members.

“Me and, actually, Rob are godparents to my little cousin,” she said. “I think, once we broke up, we never even thought about it again. I don’t think my family was seeking him out, like, ‘You’re a bad godfather. You didn’t come back.’ Things happen. People move on. It just gets weird.”

Expounding on why it’s “weird,” she added that while it was a proud moment they once shared, she doesn’t regret the route things went.

“We were together,” she explained. “We went to North Carolina for her christening. It was a great moment, but I think even now, they’d be like, ‘Nah,’ ’cause it’s weird!”

She didn’t make it clear whether or not the two are still the little one’s godparents.

Take a look at the clip, below:


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