Amber Rose Defends Blac Chyna’s Oral Sex Skills

Amber Rose Defends Blac Chyna’s Oral Sex Skills

Blac Chyna received a lot of flack for her “performance” in her leaked sex tape involving her and her ex-boyfriend Mechie. The clip, which showed her performing oral sex, prompted viewers to clown her on her techniques.

While the former stripper, herself, has refrained from responding to the backlash, directly, her bestie, Amber Rose, weighed in on her behalf, and one thing’s for certain: she definitely has her back.

In a recent interview on Big Boy TV, Rose said she didn’t believe her best friend performed to the best of her ability.

“I just want to say this, on the record,” she said. “If you think Blac Chyna don’t know how to suck a d**k, you got her all the way f****d up. All the way messed up. And I’m gonna tell y’all what… sometimes if you have [someone] sitting on your chest, but sometimes you know, when you give oral, it’s a cute little mm-mm, you know, nothing OD, and sometimes you OD on it. Don’t ever for a second think that my bestie, my sister, Blac Chyna, can’t suck a d**k.”

Take a look at her full response, below:

That really seemed to strike a nerve, huh, Amber?

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