Nigeria Queen of Snap Chat Bob Risky, her new transformation

Bob Risky is a Nigerian Cross dresser male/female


Bobrisky looks unrecognizable as he steps out wearing a blue jump suit Lailasnews 1

According to Bob Risky, the gave a shout out saying , he has been dressing fabulously these days, thanks to his billionaire bae.

she wrote on his Instagram, not sure who she is referring to.

She talked about the income he raked in from London

“Idiot keep posting am here for u. They also ask me to posting but if anyone send me any post from u that involve me I swear I will reply u asap. Go to any length I will fire 🔥 u ten times……

Attention seeker with dead career. Do u know how much I make in London for my first event 😂😂😂😂😂idiot who dey pay to see ur dead career. How many shows do u get in USA the last I saw u there ? People can testify to mine, I attended up 10 shows at different states. Post more and I will give you back.”




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