Will You Buy Toke Makinwa’s Luxury Purse made in Aba, At N35,000 A Piece?

by Wendy Blaze


Will You Buy Toke Makinwa’s Luxury Purse At N35,000 A Piece?

The year just started and Nigerian media sensation, Toke Makinwa, has made moves to cash in big time. The media personality and author has started a bag-line aptly named after her brand “TM” which comes in two colors, gold and black. First production includes a luxury strap-purse which costs between N30,000 to N35,000.

Conversation online shows her fans are willing to pay for the luxury mini bag, regardless the cost, but some people are already calling the 35Grand arm-accessory “too expensive.”

The bags which are all mini include, the “Roseline TM mini bag,” and the “Melanie TM mini bag,” although there are no visible difference to both concepts.

Despite disappointing interested buyers at the end of the year, Toke Makinwa, has begun delivering the first batch of her luxury mini-bags to customers in the new year.

TM luxury bags has been given huge acclaim and well wishers have advised that the next line of mini-bags should have a smaller TM sign unlike the bold logo splashed on the first TM bags. According to an Instagram user, @xogeegxo, “This bag is cute. I think for a more sophisticated saleable purse, this tm (sic) sign should have been smaller and concentrated around the click button of the flap of the bag. Just a suggestion to think about in the TM bag 2.0.”

Major concerns for Toke Makinwa asides from orders and deliveries include mass production by unscrupulous elements in Aba, Nigeria, a hub for manufacturers famed for copying brand products and reproducing it at fake quality and in massive quantity which later goes on to be sold at way cheaper rate. The TM mini-bags sold at N30,000, if mass produced could be sold as low as N1000.

by wendy Blaze

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