Four Great Ideas For A First Date With A Nigerian Lady


How to take a Nigerian lady on a first Date

Nigerian ladies have been reported to be one of the most complex specie in the womenfolk. From financial dependence to sexual orientation, they live in a society where the most money is made by the men. This makes payment for first date the man’s responsibility. While women in the West pay for their own dates, it has been proven that many Nigerian women expect the men to pick up the tabs on dates. These women would rather not pay for the date, even if they had the financial independence to do so.

This post is aimed at providing four Great Ideas for a First Date with a Nigerian lady. The number one rule of taking a Nigerian girl on a date is, “feed her first,” all else comes after.


Take a lady to a karaoke bar isn’t a normal first date idea but it will create fond memories for her which makes the date stand out in her head. There are lots of karaoke bars scattered across several states in Nigeria.


Enjoying each other’s presence while gyrating to artists performing at concerts is a great first date idea. Mainly because she most likely has never been on a date at a concert. It will create cherish-able thoughts forever etched in her mind. There are usually concerts on every weekday and most weekends across major cities in Nigeria.

Picnic by the Beach

Lagos has lots of beaches surrounding it, but unlike states with a view of the ocean, a picnic can be held at a park. All that’s needed are wide blankets for the ground, lunch baskets to carry the food, drinks and fruits, a mini stereo or iPad to watch movies on and the lady. It can also be spiced up by playing games to make the outing more memorable.

Candlelight dinner

If going the extra mile is possible, a home cooked meal by a man will blow her away. Tune it up by serving the meal under candle light, mellow music and romantic ambience. Take a well cooked meal, flowing champagne, sensual tune and add a woman to the mix, that’s a recipe for an unforgettable first date.

By: Wendy Blaze

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