Five Easy Steps To Enhance Your Looks

Looking good is good business, a notion most successful people support. Yet, having and keeping a great skin can be a daily struggle to many who are battling with depression, skin breakouts and body dysmorphia – a disorder where the victim only sees flaws in their appearance. Regardless the challenges, here are five easy steps to help enhance one’s looks and help boost self-confidence.






Adequate rest is imperative for maintenance of good looks. It is essential to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. This helps the body recover from the wear and tear it faced during the day. With proper rest, the individual wakes up refreshed, unlike its opposite, lack of sleep, aka, “Insomnia” which causes accelerated aging, heart problems, lower mental alertness and an increase in body weight due to improper metabolism. The need for sufficient rest can not be overstated.


It has been proven that most cosmetics contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin which makes washing away makeup extremely important in enhancing one’s looks. Reasons for wearing makeup range from personal to professional so it could be hard to avoid using cosmetics entirely. Regardless, always wash away cosmetics before going to bed. Wash with water and remove remaining residue with wet face wipes. Leaving makeup on skin causes the pores to clog up which in turn causes breakouts.


According to research, humans are made up of around 60% water. All the more reason the body needs ample amount of water to function properly. Water is the primary cleanser of metabolic toxins and acts as a carrier of essential nutrients.

In order to keep the body and skin well hydrated and glowing, it has been advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.


Humans experience several forms of stress either mentally, psychologically, professionally, financially, personally, or emotionally. While it might seem the norm, excessive amounts of stress is harmful for to the body. Stress is also the leading cause of a number of ailments. When stress is poorly managed, the body releases Cortisol, a stress-fighting hormone. Side effects of this hormone include lower cell regeneration, impaired cognitive abilities, fat retention and sub optimal metabolic rate. Looks can be enhanced by practicing relaxation techniques like exercise, yoga and meditation.



Exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun is harmful for the skin, especially during midday. These rays cause rapid aging of skin cells and facial wrinkles, it also puts the skin at high risk of developing skin cancer, which is why the importance of wearing sunscreen can not be overemphasized. To help the skin look good, it is recommended to use a SPF-based moisturizer on a daily basis when stepping into the sun.

By Wendy Blaze

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