Usher’s wife has this message for you all



Usher’s wife, Grace Raymond, wants to be clear that she’s sticking by her man’s side.”

via Love B. Scott and  TMZ:

“We got Grace Raymond at LAX, where our photog asked if she had a message for everyone making allegations against her guy. As we’ve reported … there’s quite a few now.

She definitely had one thought to share, which was … not exactly what we were expecting. 

What’s interesting here … Grace appears to be on the phone with Usher himself. Unclear if he caught the question — but if he did … this couple sure gets on the same page quick.

No shade, but was this planned? For one — who arrives to the airport on FaceTime (and without headphones)? It’s loud and usually there’s a lot going on.

Two — we have nothing against Grace, but we probably wouldn’t see her at the airport and immediately recognize her as Usher’s wife without Usher by her side. We can’t imagine her being that high on the random paparazzi recognizability radar.”



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