Important things you should know about your Vagina

Important things you should know about your Vagina

Vagina is one of the most crucial body part of a female, and you may even think that you know the inside out of your vagina, Nope, think again,.

As much as you  want to take care of your face, so you don not  get old , saggy and wrinkly, is the same way you might start taking care of your vagina, so you can life longer and enjoy every blissful moment going on down there, and in this article, and Video  you will understand the different kinds of Odors of your Vagina


 “Muskiness”  is the smell of mixture of sweat gland around your vagina and sweat. this normally occurs after work out


2. Metallic

This can occur few days after or post your monthly period when   iron in the blood can set off the natural smells of the vagina, making it smell more metallic/tin-ish/iron-ish.


4. Chemical

 Ammonia like or Chemical  smell can due to urine leaks in the underwear or improper cleaning of the nether regions after  using the bathroom, some women have bladder prolapse, after child birth, and urine can drible, very often, or laughter can cause some women to urinate accidental in their under wear


5. Salty

this is very Similar to number 4

6. Rotten

If your vagina smells like rotten meat or something dying, please approach your gynaecologist immediately. it could be some signs of cancer, or forgotten tampon.

7. Yeasty, like beer or bread

 Every woman has yeast in their vagina , but sometimes some people may produce excess yeast, which can lead to Yeast infections and it  is also a common infection that many women would experience in their lifetime. Consult your Doctor, it is easily treated


8. Bleach/chlorine like

Chlorine like smells are often reported after sex.

This could be due to the type of lubricants used, or even choice of condoms. This is rather normal, and the odor usually dissipates within 24 hours.

9. Sweet

Some people report that eating certain fruits such as oranges and grapefruit can sweeten the smell and taste of vagina fluids, so that is pretty normal too.

However, if in the absence of such foods/fruits, you can still smell a sickly sweet smell emanating from the vagina, it may indicate possible diabetes or metabolic disorders.

Some people who stick to a high protein, low carbohydrate diet for long periods of time also report sickly sweet smells due to elevated levels of ketones in their urine.

9  Garlicky/Onion

Again, while there are foods out there that can sweeten the smell of our vaginas, there are also certain foods that can increase unpleasant odors within the vagina.

Typically, strong smelling foods like garlic, broccoli, onions and asparagus can cause the vaginal fluids to smell and taste unpleasant.  this food can enhance the health benefits, but the smell, excretes through the pores , sweat gland and vagina



10. Sweet

Some people report that eating certain fruits such as oranges and grapefruit can sweeten, Pineapple to have sweet vagina, This enhances   the smell and taste of vagina fluids.

How cool is this.



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