*MANDATE*, Vote Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah for Anambra Governor 2017



Written By Comr. Obinna James Udegbunam

Good day to everyone, as we eagerly awaits the primary choseness of PDP governorship candidates for Anambra state, let’s not obliviate our *MANDATE*, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah in our prayers because we can’t do anything without God, but with God, all things are possible….
Lots has been said about him already that I don’t want to repeat, but in all sincerity, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is the only man, I mean the only person that has the strategy to transform this State to look like his country home,
only him can do what others failed to do…
Only Ifeanyi Ubah will give a listening ear to the least person in this state,
Only Ifeanyi Ubah knows what the youths of the state wants and only Ifeanyi Ubah will always want to please everyone, even when he can’t, he will keep trying to….
He is a HERO, his kind of person is no where to be found, there is nothing like the person is like Ifeanyi Ubah or he can work like Ifeanyi Ubah…. Please my people, if it’s not Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah the son of Mr. Alphonsus Ubah, then any other is fake.
Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah is a billionaire philanthropist that one of his  priorities is to use the post of Governorship as a platform to deliver his state and make here a  Centre of attraction.
Some call him Messiah Ndi Anambra, me I always call him the *WORLD HERO* he is because, everything he does is always first in history from his hometown *NNEWI* to the *WORLD* at large :

His Radio Station, Authority FM 104.1 is  first in the history of *NNEWI*.

His football club, Fc Ifeanyi Ubah is the first football club in the history of *ANAMBRA STATE* to win a Federation Cup in just 2years of existence and also He is the first in history of *IGBO LAND* to own a games village that has up to 10,000 job opportunities in Anambra state.

His Oil company (Capital oil and gas) is the first, biggest and most modern depot in *NIGERIA*. With 28 loading bays, he is the only indigenous downstream player capable of pumping out 55 million litres of petroleum products each day with the storage capacity of over 200 million litres which is the biggest privately owned facility in the *WEST AFRICAN* sub-region.

His football club is also the first in history in the whole of  *AFRICA* to partner with Westham United of England.

Then finally, he is powering the first and highest football project in the whole *WORLD*, 1family 1footballer for 50,000 families…

Dear Fellow Anambrarians, it’s really obvious that having Ifeanyi Ubah as our Governor its even a privilege and a prayer answered, let us correct our mistake this time around for this state to be a  great one.

Am still my humble and little self, *Comr. Obinna James Udegbunam*

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