World first football (soccer) family project

Still on the project of 1 Family, 1 footballer for 50,000 families. Indeed, one must say that this is the world highest football project, because this project have never been done any where in the whole world, both by government or individual.

This is tremendously beyond belief, It’s really welcoming to say that Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah(THE WORLD HERO) is a gift to humanity and a statesman that is committed to human advancement…. Now, he has brought hope for the hopeless through footballing.
Football game as of today is the most popular game in the world and Dr. Ubah from this project wants to surface 50,000 professional footballers from Anambra state with the assistance of Westham football Academy of England on just individual platform.

In Anambra state, we have lots of little talented footballers that just need to be discovered but there is no platform to identify their potentials and also Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, being a football lover and cognizant of its value and benefits to those kids and to the sate, has long been wondering how to get those kids and help them to archive their dreams and finally he spontaneously came out with this project, 1 family, 1 footballer for 50,000 families in Anambra state, Woooow!

I wish the people of Anambra State will know the great value and impact of this project to the state because this will definitely get most football managements in the world to Anambra state, this will also make Anambra state the most popular city in Africa as football is the world most popular game.

Finally, I urge all Anambrarians to Get their children ready now, the registration is about to kick off, the age range is from 5 to 20years, don’t let that your child miss this, register him on time so as to be among the first batch that will enter Westham Football Academy.


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