How Lemon Peel can prevent cancer cells and cure


Lemon peels contains more fibre and other nutrients than its juice, but a lot of people are unaware of this, sometimes we tend to discard the back which is loaded with so many antioxidants, potassium and calcium.

Lemon peel is found to be very alkaline. thereby helping to fight cancer cells. Cancer cells tend to live and thrive in none alkaline bodies. it is said to be 10,000 better than chemotherapy

Some Benefits of lemon peel:

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A) Helps to fight parkinson disease

B) Can serve as antidepressant

C) Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

d) Eradication of Toxins in the body

e) fights worms

f) reduces rheumatoid arthritis

why are Doctors not recommending this for cancer patients 

Many Doctors may not recommend this to their patients, due to the fact that, they do not believe in alternative medicines, and may choose to treat their patients with synthetic medications and Chemotherapy so they may make money.

Lets look at some side effects of chemotherapy:

It destroys both the good and the bad cells in the blood, in the mouth, intestine tract, nose, nails, vagina and more, leaving some people even more sick,

and yet, not all that receives chemotherapy, get cured.

by kartia Velino

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