What a Man (Lawyer) did to his wife in Port harcourt Nigeria



Port Harcout

“And many have this archaic mindset that says you should stay back in an abusive relationship because of your children.
Hear this
Your children will grow up to dysfunctional. Your sons will grow up to be abusers and your daughters ladies with very low self-esteem who feel they deserve nothing better. Some will grow up to hate the opposite sex. And you are still trying to find out why homosexuality is on the increase.
Your children are better growing up without a father or mother who is abusive (whether physical or emotional).
And if as a woman, you are afraid to take a walk because a chauvinistic society has made you believe you should be a Mrs to be respected or you need that man to survive, I’m sorry for you because many like you are gone and the man is with another woman. And who told you that you must live with the man to be successful? Sure Arunma Oteh is successful and respected. Step out and help yourself. It may be tough initially, but you will succeed if you remain focused. Your children will be proud of you as a powerful woman.
Are they telling you to go on fasting and praying? Well, the likes of Titi were told the same thing before they got murdered by their preacher husbands.
And many will tell you to stay because the next man may turn out worse. If he turns out like the present, you run again because your life matters more. The world can only talk; you wear the shoe and know where and how much

it hurts.
God has given you everything you need; please deliver yourself”—God bless you all.
And to think the beast of a husband is a lawyer? Doing this to a woman breastfeeding her two months old baby? —–Amara

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