Nigerian Doctor, Killed another Female Doctor in America and takes his own life (Details)



Dr. Tracy Sin-Yee Tam,Female physician shot dead by Nigerian doctor, She  was covering a shift for a colleague, this happened at  the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.  An ex Employee  Dr. Henry Bello showed up, killed her and killed himself



“She normally works in the clinic,” Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Chief Dr. Sridhar Chilinuri said. “Yesterday she was asked to cover one of the physicians who was out.”“She was on the floor at the time (Bello attacked),”She was scheduled to cover only yesterday.”


“Tam, a 32-year-old family medicine doctor had been working at Bronx-Lebanon for about a year and had no interaction with Bello, who was forced to resign two years ago in disgrace amid claims he had sexually harassed at least one staffer.

Police found Tam’s body just a few feet from Bello, who had taken his own life a few moments after shooting Tam and another doctor, who survived the gun shot.

One patient and four more hospital employees were also wounded, hospital staffers said.

Tam’s neighbors described the doctor as a friendly woman who kept to herself.”


Source: NY Daily

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