Nigerian man, Nicholas Nwoye stabbed to death in Calgary train station


Indeed, Nwonye was on his way home from Hersak’s lecture hall when the deadly attack took place, at 6:45 p.m. on the westbound platform of the City Hall LRT station in downtown Calgary. said the police

 he was Stabbed in the chest and abdomen by a man he’d never met, Nwonye was rushed to hospital, where he later died. 

 source said that he  recently moved to Canada with his wife and three children from Nigeria, and was only four weeks into his studies when he died. 

“Hersak remembered Nwonye as a deeply spiritual man whose faith formed a large part of his life.

Being the only male in the class, Nwonye brought a unique insight, Hersak said — laughing as she described him being responsible for the creation of some “pleasant controversy” during in-class discussions. 

Despite only being a student for a short time, Hersak said Nwonye made a definite impression, both on his fellow students and the faculty. 

“He had an impact. He had a really big impact in the classroom,” she said.

“He will be missed in the classroom. I know this for a fact.”

source said The man accused in Nwonye’s death was caught by police shortly thereafter, arrested as he attempted to flee the scene in an eastbound train. Keeton Michel Gagnon, 39, has been charged with second-degree murder.

Source: Calgaryherald

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