“I am not a billionaire.”“I don’t have money in my bank accounts. “—-Evans



Evans,  The Nigerian  Notorious Kidnapper who was captured, early in June 2017.   states that it is only a fool who would take such huge amounts of money to the bank –

The alleged billionaire kidnapper insists that he had only 2 houses in Magodo, Nigerian  and another 2 in Ghana – he also  said the  that the monies gotten from the various victims was shared between him and his gang members.

Notorious kidnap kingpin, Evans, has stated that he is not a billionaire. In an interview with Tribune Newspaper , he said that he does not have any money in his domiciliary account, because he did not think that it is smart .

“I am not a billionaire.” “I don’t have money in my bank accounts. “I may have like N20,000 in some, but the kind of money you are expecting to hear are not in the accounts.

“I have [domiciliary account] but I don’t have money in it. It is only somebody who is a fool that would take such huge amount I collect to the bank. “I don’t have any property in FESTAC. I only have the two Magodo properties in Lagos, and then another two in Accra. “These are just the properties I have. However, some people have been saying I have houses all over the world. Some said I have house in South Africa, but I don’t. “It was not only me who took all the money. I had people working for me and I gave them their shares. “Instead of keeping the money in bank or somewhere else, I used it to buy houses. I have told the police how much I bought the houses. “I have told them how much I spent in building the one in Ghana.”

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