Lessons Learnt from Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah`s Illegal Detention by DSS


By Vin Onyeka

On the 5th of may 2017 when the Nigerian secret police decided to dabble in to a business disagreement between Federal government of Nigeria via its criminal enterprise called NNPC and Capital oil and gas by arresting its chief executive officer Dr. Ifeanyi P Ubah many business men, legal minds, civil society across Nigeria and beyond were shocked, dismay and horrified not because  they thought that the actions and pronouncements of the DSS will come true or even stand a test in any court of law but for the fact that this act by the DSS has set a new standard for any contractual disagreement between any company and any Government agencies in Nigeria.  Folks this was very worrisome for so many reasons .

1) The very premise of  our democracy and our constitution was seriously been undermined by these actions .That is “Every one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law “. But in the case of oil and gas and its Managing director  Dr P. Ubah it Was absolutely a différent case, the DSS pronounce them guilty and left them  to prove their Innocence. The DSS was the complaint, prosecutor, jury and the judge at  the same time. This is wrong if truly we want this our Democratic experiment to flourish.Image result for pictures of capital oil and gas

2) The fact that the DSS arrested  Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah before starting an investigation on alleged matter is completely not in sink with our Democratic principles and come to expose the laziness of our law enforcement agencies to do the pain sticking job of investigations.

3) The Criminalization of a civil matters by all means by the Nigerian law enforcement agencies in this case by the DSS. For way over six weeks the whole  world were fed with this Nonsense that A man who has worked tirelessly for the most part of his life to create wealth not just for himself but the country Nigeria that he love so much  by way of employing  more than 3000 people  with little or NO help from the Government of Nigeria is a criminal and an Economic saboteur is not only reprehensible and despicable,  it is out right wickedness.

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Image result for pictures of capital oil and gas

4) For those who does not know, Business is about personal credibility, Confidence and trust of others. The Nigerian secret police was well aided and abetted by the Nigerian media to destroy the personal credibility, Confidence and trust from  Capital oil and gas and its Managing director Ifeanyi P Ubah has built across the world over the years.

5) Reconciliation and mediation is the standard way of resolving any business conflict. And in the case of Capital oil and gas, serious attempts were made by its Managing Director Ifeanyi P. Ubah to get NNPC  to sit  down with them to reconcile but NNPC did what they know how to do which is invade and run away from their responsibility and obligations just like they did to us. For an average person who has no dealings with NNPC,  you will never begin to understand the situation in which Capital oil and gas find themselves dealing with this Government agency which arguably is the most corrupt of this kind.


Image result for pictures of capital oil and gas

Image result for pictures of capital oil and gas

Finally now that the DSS has freed  the Capital oil and gas Boss Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah which they should have done weeks ago to give way for both side to sit down and reconcile and allow the DSS to go after the real bad guys and enemy of the country Boko haram terrorists. For Capital oil and gas to go back to business and do what they do best supporting the Nigerian Economy more than ever before and enjoy their  total vindication .
And for the Capital oil and gas CEO Ifeanyi P. Ubah to continue to fulfil  his Divine mandate and obligations which is to be bold, fearlessness, Audacious, visionary and inspiring to the business community.

Once again the GOOD has won.

Image result for pictures of capital oil and gas

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