Nigerian Billionaire Kidnapper has a curse :” He transfers d curse tru sexual intercourse to his wife”—Uju Christabell Okoroafor


This facebook user said that the billionaire Nigerian Kidnapper has a curse that he transferred to his wife.



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Uju Christabell Okoroafor ·

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Let me tell u guys about this circle of curse.

1. Evans is a killer and a thief who is ALREADY under a CURSE for his atrocities which includes killing, rape, abduction, torture etc.
2. He transfers d curse tru sexual intercourse to his wife…if she has a toyboy she shares d curse with him and he shares with his main girlfriend or girlfriends as d case may be. Hehehehe.
3. Evans also transfers d curse too to his girlfriends.
4. If any of his girlfriend has a boyfriend (which I tink is very possible) she’ll transfer the curse to him too, if he is unfaithful, he transfers it to another girl…..d list goes on.
And we are here wondering why the world is turning upside down.
All of u with multiple sex partners open ur eyes, d Evans curse may already be dwelling in u. Lol.
Let me go and read my bible biko.

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