Speak now or forever hold your peace #Justice4Ifeanyiubah

By Vin Onyeka

Sequel my first article entitled AN INJUSTICE TO ONE MAN IS INJUSTICE TO US ALL   (here).I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of support and  positive responses  from the business community both in Nigeria and beyond.  The most common question ask is “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE THAT NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT AND ITS AGENCIES LIKE NNPC will bluntly refuse to pay privately owned company like Capital oil and gas monies owe to them. And further used Nigerian secret police know as DSS to harass and in this case detain the Managing Director Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah  for over 6 weeks now.

The fact is that the current business environment in Nigeria is despicable. For instance  2017 Budget was signed into law a few days ago. This is six solid months of business connected with any government agency lost. Please do not ask me when the implementation of the budget and release of funds will commence and reach the average government contractor or supplier when the 2017 is half gone. Doing business in Nigeria has been onerous and that is why it became necessary  for a whole Federal Government of Nigeria to launch a policy to ease the pain of doing business in Nigeria. Guess who made the ease of doing business in Nigeria impossible?  My answer is simple -Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Capital Oil and Gas and it’s CEO ran into the hurricane called the Nigerian business environment despite the massive investments and commitment of its CEO in the Nigerian project. The government that is calling for foreign investors into the Nigerian economy is killing the businesses of Nigerian indigenous investors like Capital Oil and Gas. It’s CEO is in detention under sub human conditions and is daily being made to enter into spurious agreements and concessions under unimaginable duress and psychological torture. A clear business transaction with one of it’s agencies called NNPC has been advertised by the Nigerian secret police DSS in all local and international  media outlets as criminal and subversive even before the CEO of Capital Oil and Gas Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah was picked up and clamped into the DSS dungeon in Abuja. If Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah is a criminal and was arrested for the offence of stealing and subversion as announced by DSS, why has he not been seen in any Court of competent jurisdiction facing criminal trial? Do you keep a criminal in DSS dungeon while purporting to investigate the case?. Do you label a high net worth citizen of Nigeria a criminal without concluding your investigation? . Did any court of law pronounce Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah a criminal as announced to the World by DSS?. Where is the law for the maximum length of detention before trial?. Are all the Fundamental Human Rights contained in the Nigerian Constitution set aside in the case of Capital Oil and Gas and Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah?. One thing is clear in this entire developing quagmire -Nigeria is a lawless business environment where agreements reached with the Federal Government or it’s agencies mean nothing. Nigeria business environment is shark infested murky waters where blood suckers under the cover of terror, torture and plain old brigandage perpetrated by the Gestapo gangs called security agencies impound businesses and properties owned by genuine and hardworking businessmen who toiled for many years without proven government assistance to establish and sustain them.
Fellow business men and women , let us hope that nothing untoward happens to Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah in the custody of the government of Nigeria. Let us hope that his company Capital Oil and Gas Industry Limited is not acquired by meddlesome interlopers by some demonic and doubtfully obtained Interim Order of Forfeiture as this may be the target of this whole unfolding drama.

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International investors, local and foreign business men and women, you are cordially invited to rush to Nigeria and invest massively in the Nigerian economy with a very conducive, profitable business environment with attractive government support, easy credit, good power supply, prompt payment  for jobs and deliveries done. We promise no harassment, detention without trial by our security agencies. Welcome!!! . This is just my own take on this saga. Whats your own. Speak now or forever hold your peace

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