Kwame Bonsu from Ghana, Sweden soccer Player, sentenced for raping his wife



Kwame Bonsu a Ghana born, football player in Gävle, Sweden  is sentenced  to prison for assaulting and raping his wife. A Swedish court few days ago  sentenced Kwame, who plays in Sweden’s second division, to two years in prison for beating and raping his estranged wife.

He will also be  deported from the Scandinavian country where he has lived since 2013.
Bonsu repeatedly denied the charges, but testimony from his wife’s relatives led the court to believe the victim’s version of events.
His football club on Friday dismissed him from the team with immediate effect.

Kwame first met his estranged wife in 2014 when he was playing in the southern Swedish city of Mjölby. They married the following year.

A few months after the wedding, he signed a transfer to the town of Gävle, located about 300 kilometres away from Mjölby. Bonsu’s wife had wanted him to stay to continue his studies.

According to court documents, he will also have to pay 122,600 kronor ($14,000) in compensation to his wife, who is a Swedish national. His lawyer has appealed the sentence.

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