Three Nigerians extradited from South Africa, to America ,convicted of social media scheme to face 235 Years in Prison



Three Nigerian,  convicted of online dating schemes. have been sentenced in Mississippi.  U.S.A

Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, 30, was sentenced to 95 years in prison; Rasaq Aderoju Raheem, 31, was given 115 years and Femi Alexander Mewase, 45, got 25 years behind bars.

According to source ,Southern District  court of Mississippi had in February found them all guilty of crimes including mail fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud and theft of government property. .

Ayelotan and Raheem were said to  also found guilty of conspiracies to commit bank fraud and money laundering. Dating back to at least 2001, was said to involved in multiple internet fraud schemes, resulting in losses in the tens of millions.
This  three Nigerians were said to be among the six extradited from South Africa by US Department of Justice in 2015 to face charges of running a series of scams against gullible Americans over the past 16 years. .

source: gossip mill


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