Bisola, a finalist on the Big brothers Nigeria reality show debunk the rumours that she was abandoned by her husband at the altar.

Some online  and social media rumors and allegations has been going around that , BISOLA, the finalist on the reality Tv Show Nigeria BIG BROTHERS was abandoned at the alter by her husband, but she set the record straight, when she was invited for an interview at   Saturday Beats station.

in her own words:

“I have never been married and I have never been to the altar.”

“A relationship would come when the time is right and there are certain things that you do not force. I would not bother myself with a relationship because my main aim is to be successful and take care of my family very well. That alone is a good driving force, along the line, it would come. Are you telling me that successful people do not find love? They do, even when they are really successful. I would not force it because it is not something I would force. It is going to be a gentle and slow process,”

This is what she has to say when asked about her relationship with TTT on the same show

“There is no bad blood between Thin Tall Tony and I but I have to respect the institution of holy matrimony. I did not know that he was married, I found out when we left the house and I have to respect his wife. If there is work to do, we would attack it professionally. I went into the house to have fun and not to brew a relationship. TTT and I would be friends outside the show but I am not looking for a relationship from him,”

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