Why do some peolpe fail in their business

Why do some peolpe fail in their business


Business plan

It all begins with planning. The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make as they start their business  is that they don’t sit down and write a business plan. The goal is to keep it concise. ( find and expert to guide you)


keep friends and family aside

Entrepreneurs often fail because they cannot separate friends from enemies, and separate families from business, connecting with people of like minds is very crucial



Without focus, your business will lose it the competitive edge. It is impossible to have a broad strategy on a startup budget,they cannot raise the right kind of funding at the right time at the right valuation. They use too much of their own money, Find a way to campaign for your new business funding


Discover your goals and core values

Entrepreneurs often fail because they hang out with the wrong people. “Wrong” here is a broad term. It includes colleagues who agree with everything the entrepreneur says,  they are afraid to question your thoughts just because they have poor insight of your goals and dreams, Your core values are the fundamental beliefs that drive your business. They are your guiding principles that should remain constant



Stay away from too much competition, because it  kills a business, strive to bring new ideas, and learn how to execute new plans

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