Hearts & Roses Valentine’s Day Gala with Amet Television 2017

Hearts & Roses Valentine’s Day Gala with Amet Television 2017

Roses are red, violets are purple…sounds a little too clichéd so I’m just gonna say…… …….Chocolates, roses, love and kisses. That’s what Valentine reminds you of right? Absolutely yes my friends. It reminds me and most people of the same too.

Whether you’re paired up, still searching high and low for that special someone or trying your darned best to rekindling the dying embers that once flamed as the big romance of the very core of your existence, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to re-create love, romance or just friendship with all that good stuff you once had with your best pal. There’s so much you can do to set the ball rolling. You can plan a weekend get-away (without the kids mind you), you could go clubbing, dining or just hang out in the shops. How about a movie, or going to watch your favourite band play. Plan to put everything else on the burner for the weekend and go out and have fun with that special person in your life who could be your beau or just a very good friend! 

You could also have planned to do with that special someone, exactly what I did this past Valentine’s Day weekend and I promise you would have had the best time of your life.

Afromedia Communications, Amet TV in Toronto, hosted The Hearts & Roses Valentine’s Day Gala on February 19th 2017, its sixth remarkable year of being in the Toronto entertainment scene and the event was the talk of town. The Hearts & Roses Valentine’s Day Gala is the marquee event in Afromedia Communications social networking calendar and has been a sell-out success for the last 5 years.

This one of a kind event brought together the best and brightest of African professionals, entrepreneurs and social elite from Toronto and surrounding GTA for a night of entertainment, award winning food, dancing and networking.

The 2017 edition of this event was hosted by the gifted young Nigerian comedian, actor and event/media consultant “Igos”. Highly respected, Igos has been making African audiences laugh for the past decade.

The doors opened at 6pm at one of the most luxurious banquet halls  in Toronto, the Rose Garden Convention Centre. Festivities started with the usual red carpet reception, cocktails, lavish hors d’oeuvres, networking and mingle-mangle. The crowd was made up mostly of couples and sweethearts who were simply out to relax and have fun to their hearts content. 

(Mr and Mrs Kunle Oyegbola. Amet Television Director)

CEO of CAN  Reach Immigration  one major sponsors of the Event

As with events of this nature, the ladies were decked out to the hilt and were the epitome of glamour, color, style and class and a real sight for sore eyes. The gentleman were just as elegantly turned out in their formal back tie or  ‘resource control’ trad/formal attire that has assumed much prominence in elite African social circles. 

Cocktails lasted for about an hour and then the host Mr. Remi himself made his debut. He introduced the evening and the theme he said was ‘love’. I mean, what else could it be for a Valentine’s Ball! Totally expected! 

The famed Nigerian-born comedian ‘Igos’ the host of the event then took over the evening and ran with it. That guy is one bad ass comedian and he really let it hang out. 

Ibrahim (K_moni) on the Left

(There was a makeup stand for the ladies touch up)

I expected to have a relaxing and fun evening but I did expect that much fun. We were regaled with all kinds of jokes that left the audience literally doubled over with laughter. It was an evening of serious entertainment, laughter, good food and drinks. The most memorable moments were the Karaoke moments. “Igos” called on various couples who picked their favorite love song and everyone sang along with them. It was simply a fantastic evening with an outstanding ambience.  

The deliciously succulent three course meal and the well-stocked cash bar were definitely a big plus for most guests. 

As dinner was served, other popular comedians such as Mr Okey Bakassi took the floor and oh boy, did he finish up what “Igos” started!  

There was an Instagram Moments among loved ones

The evening was extraordinarily well attended and the crowd was a mix of people from all works of life. Despite the fact that Toronto had so many other big events going on the same evening, everybody that was anybody registered a presence at the Afromedia Communications, Hearts & Roses Valentine’s Day Gala. 

If you missed this event I promise you it will not be a total loss for you if you stay connected to Afromedia Communications so you know when the 2018 Valentine’s Day Gala will take place because as you can see the pictures speak for themselves.

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Before I sign off, I would like to share one of my popular valentine stories:

One valentine legend goes that a saint called Valentine saint  ‘Valentine’ greetings to a young girl while he was in prison. It is also said that before his death he sent her a letter which he signed ‘From your Valentine”.

Mr and Mrs Remi Awojide (Director Amet Television)

Isn’t that sweet! 

for more pictures please visit http://www.facebook.com/ametv

Happy Valentines xoxo! 

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