A day in the life of Naughty sam

A day in the life of Naughty sam

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A day in the life of Naughty sam……Thursday
Night…4.00 am, awake, on my bed thinking…what will this weekend be like!!!! Thinking …..will it be exciting, will the same guy be at the club…..Not sure what to make of our last meeting….by the way he is fine, tall, dark, good looking  and sleek….what about that other part…will I be impressed  or dissapointed …that is if eventually I have to give it up. Actually, come to think of it, finance is a big thing for me, dont you think so.. do you remember  the lyrics of a song  that goes like this….no romance without finance, ..😊 will wear the short pink dress I just ordered online and my hot pink sandals, very chic, my own opinion …hoping that the look will keep him wanting more.  This look actually is not the real me. If he sees me outside the club, he will never recognise me. Hmmmm, when going to the club, I am another person, anyway, I roll alone….no one knows my little secret..  my hubby, kids, friends and family can never find out my little big secret. A secret that would most def crash my life….. Hahahahaha….anyway hubby is in another world, he thinks I am definitely a saint….he is in another world. Story for another day.
Will make sure that my boobs are tight and firm….will use the famous tape like those babes do on TV, so it will it be straight and not flop around .  The boobs are getting tired…..but who cares that is why we have all these items to help us look chic and over rated,  but when I am samantha, i feel very comfortable  in my skin. Is sam the real me and the other me the fake me….just thinking, a babe can dream big….so back to my thoughts, what will happen when I see him..or if he shows up at the club in the company of another chic, wao. That will be something else ….but I have to focus on the mission at hand…and wait to see him again  and see those eyes that have been haunting me for days.
Will keep you guys posted…..tune in for more  soonest…

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