Ghanaian born Nollywood/Ghollywood actor, John Dumelo accused of stealing Gov Vehicles


According to Daily Guide Africa
Ghanaian born Nollywood/Ghollywood actor, John Dumelo was allegedly caught trying to respray missing government cars.
It was said that Government agents caught popular actor, John Dumelo, with two state vehicles, it has been reported. One of the vehicles is a Toyota Land Cruiser V8
and the Land Cruiser at a spraying shop in Accra where he had allegedly taken it to be resprayed. The vehicle is said to be one of the 200 vehicles the presidency says are missing.
The report said Dumelo initially said that the former first lady, Lordina Mahama, gave him the vehicle. Then he reportedly changed his tune, saying that bought it himself. .
 those car’s chasis number (VIN number) is said to have given him away. he did not resist in handing over the cars

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