Learning how to say “NO” is not easy


Are you the mother Theresa or father Theresa of your time? Are you the one everybody come to dump their story and trouble to? Are you the one that tries to fix the broken bottle? Are you the one who likes to please everyone and forget to take care of yourself? Are you the one that wants everyone to call you nice name? Are you the one that thinks that you can fix other peoples problems? Are you the one that thinks that other people can not fix their problem without you? Are you the one that thinks that your Boss will fire you because you say “NO”, Are you the one who can not say “No” to sex because you don’t want your man to get it elsewhere??  Are you the one that  doesn’t want others to call you “Selfish “

You need to think again because before the world their was ” ABRAHAM”

Do not let other people walk all over you, You must learn how to defend your boundaries and start r building your principles.

Well think again because you are setting yourself up for internal ulcer and permanent inner anger  because your body and brian will be over loaded with too many worries about other people

You have to start somewhere. It takes courage, and it’s not easy the first time you say “No”, but you have to.
The first time will be challenging. Then, it will become easier.

Try starting with presenting excuses. That helps at times. Give excuses to avoid, and if the people in front of you persist, then say a direct “No”, and then say, “I can’t. I have to do (something).”

If you are feeling uncomfortable, then you have to say it. Else, people will keep on trespassing. You need to define your boundaries. Start saying “No” as soon as you can. Once you start saying it, it’ll get easier to say “NO”

Do not be afraid to say it because it is your fricking Right

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