What are your hopes, Desire and your Dreams?

What are your hopes, Desire and your Dreams?



According to the dictionary, “Hope is a feeling and desire for a certain thing to happen.” hope is just a word without power, unless there is an action plan to fulfill one’s desires.

what is the chance for us to succeed? Does this mean that the lists of our goals and desires that we’ve worked so hard to put together just waste of time? I don’t know about you, but I’ve made my list. In my list last year I wrote that I would produce one of the most powerful blogs, that I will cut off friends that doesn’t add anything to my values,

I wrote that I will not waste my time on social media to things that does not pertain to my business, I also wrote that I will only attend events where i will meet like minded people, so I can draw my energy from them.

Forget about having hope. Have dreams and desires and then put everything what  you’ve got in you to fulfill them. Be flexible and constantly learn through your mistakes, as well as your victories.

Everybody have different dreams, strive to be yourself and do not worry about others, and do not wait for others to glorify your efforts because you will see and know, when you hit the rock bottom this is the way you will see the signs when you reach the end of the tunnel. Commit to your success and watch it flourish.

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