10 years Old Nigeria Barber who makes 10k a day


Toke Makenwa posted about this 10 years old Nigerian barber

“This 10 year old barber, he goes to school and discovered early his love for cutting hair and he now works after school at a barbing salon. His dream is to one day own his own barbing salon, he makes up to 10k per day but because he does not own the shop he gives the shop owner all the money and he is given 500 naira as his cut. I want to encourage him, I have been given this platform not just to showcase my life but to help people too. He told me that he would like to meet and possibly give a hair cut to @adekunlegold so I promised to take a picture with him and post it up so that my brother Adekunle will see this and possibly give this little boy his dream. I know you most certainly have a crazy schedule but pls pick up this one call

if we can just make his dream come true, it’ll go a long way to encourage him and other young stars with their hopes and aspirations. Pleassssssssssssssssssse!!!!! His handle is @lekan_kidbarber and he works at a barbing salon around Sangotedo “He is in school during the day and after school he chases his dream” if you live around there pls follow him and ask for directions to his salon and lets all support him”

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