Neema Children Choir (Orphans) Visit to Toronto 2016

Neema Children Choir (Orphans) Visit to Toronto 2016


Neema Children’s  Choir

They are orphans and destitute children from Uganda, between the age of 8 and 17

They are being raised by Pastor Francis Mutibwa and his wife, through the Kingdom project. This Children represent thousands of Children in Uganda and Millions in other parts of Africa, who has been orphaned due to the effects of AIDS, civil war, and underdeveloped effects of social system. The message is very heart breaking, but very encouraging at the same time.

I was very honoured to be with them and witnessed  them sing on their  visit to Toronto, Canada in May 2016. they sang with lots of hope and joy on their faces, they seemed to happy that you only need to be told their story. I was also privileged to assist in selling the jewelries and CDs for them.

Sometimes we ask for too much and forget to appreciate what we have.


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