African Billionaire Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah Disqualified 16 beauty Contestants, (Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi)


December 30, 2016 at the Ifeanyi Uba’s sponsored Nnewi Youths Fiesta where all the sixteen contestants for the Miss Nnewi beauty pageant were disqualified for failing to answer basic current affairs questions correctly.

For the first in history of beauty pageant

Questions: 1

Who is the founder of F.C Ifeanyi Ubah?

Answer: No idea

Question: 2

Who is the traditional ruler of nnewi?

Answer: Thanks for the question, but no idea.

Question : 3

Who is the president of Nigeria?

Answer: The president?? the president of nigeria is ehhh Dr. Mohammed Buhari

Question:  4

Who won miss Nigeria 1987?

Answer: No idea

Question: 5

If you become the president of Nigeria what would you do?

Answer: Budget

This pageants were asked questions on their looks and the originality of creativity regarding african prints, they wore. But they can not give relevant answers.



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