The ugly Truth about their Divorce

Picture: Courtesy of Enquiry

What Goes around comes around. remember How he left Jenifer Aniston for Jolie.

What is good for the Gees is also good for the Ganda

Pitt is giving this as one of the reasons why Jolie will not get  the custody battle

“Now that the shocking divorce revelation has hit the news, and she filing for full custody, Brad Pitt is hitting back hard. He claims, the reason why she will never get full custody, is because she is so busy perfecting her skincare line, and making sure it’s a huge success.”

Back in 2015 Angelina Jolie told Dateline “I’ve never been happier, I love Brad, I love our children, but I feel like somthing has still been missing out of my life.

I always fill that those celebrities think that marriage is coated with honey and sugar

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