Elegant Vs Elegance

Elegant Vs Elegance



On my right is Nkiruka Oluoha is exquisite Valentino Dress, on my Left is the Celebrant Draped Gorgeously in beautiful fall Dress from Valentino as well




Hello lovelies, Welcome back to my Amazing blog where I talk about fashion and style.  It has been a crazy week as usual two awards in two weeks, I am so loving what I  do. I really appreciate you guys for reading and folowing this blog.  Still finding my feet to finally accepting the Fall weather, I am so jealous of those that are presently in a warmer climate.  But you know what!!!!!, Huummm, I still have to make the best use of fall  climate may change but Kartia Velino style and fashion remains unchangeable, I tell you !!!
The pictures are from few weeks ago at the Debut of a friends Business and Gala nite Dinner  the girls  were all dressed very tasteful,  in Amazing couture designs and we all looked cleverly and ingenious .
” A woman should be classy in any form and shape”
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